Monday, August 6, 2012

Classroom Tour 2010

This is my classroom as of September, 2010.  I was off on maternity leave for the 2011-2012 school year, so these are my most recent photos of a classroom set-up.  Once my classroom is ready for me to go back in and get set up, I'll post new pictures.  I want to make some changes to my room this year!  My main colour theme will remain, but I have some fun plans!  Stay tuned!

View from the main door. The black paper on the top is used to display student artwork.
I would like to move the guided reading table to a different spot for 2012-2013. 
Part of my library.  The 25 empty plastic bins were used without the lids as the students' reading boxes.

Small group table and teacher desk (and a bunch of mess on the back counter!)
More of the library, and word work drawers.  I will re-purpose these
drawers this year and store my word work differently.

Math manipulatives and toys
Magnetic Word Wall and white board: I had all of my word wall words printed onto magnetic paper.  I love the ease of just adding the words like that, and the fact that it's on a white board means that I can easily write additional words with white board markers!
Teacher Desk and Computer.  
Daily schedule board.  (Created with Boardmaker)
I hope you enjoyed my first grade classroom tour. I'm looking forward to changing some things for this year and sharing some photos with you! 

My goals: 
1) Get more natural boxes/baskets
2) Add another accent colour
3) Reorganize Word Work
4) Install a Reading Loft
5) Rearrange room for a better placement of guided reading table
6) Eliminate Clutter

Teachers Pay Teachers

I am in love with the website "Teachers Pay Teachers."  It is such an amazing resource of teacher-created materials that are available for instant download, and for very reasonable prices.  I have purchased one item so far, and I have several more on my wishlist.

My first purchase was from Deanna Jump, one of the site's most popular sellers.  The item is a resource for guided reading, and I'm really excited to try it out this year!

I've been wanting to use beanie babies in my classroom for literacy strategies, and purchasing this resource was just the kick I needed to follow through!  I bought the stuffed animals I needed, and now that I have the resource I am determined to use it to help me make reading strategies more exciting and memorable for my first graders!

I'll update to share how my students are responding to the beanie strategies!

My new blog

I am starting this new blog to share my teaching ideas and inspirations.  I hope that you enjoy taking a peek inside of my classroom!